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Company and Airline Logos in Safelog



In order to make your user experience as pleasant as possible, Safelog displays a number of graphics representing logos or similar images of companies, airlines, flight schools, military services and units, aircraft manufacturers, and other organizations. Our use of such logos, and any names and trademarks associated with such use does not imply and should not be construed as endorsement or direct association of our products or services by the trademark-holding organizations. Furthermore, such images are often of registered trademarks and similarly recognized symbols even if registration marks such as ™ are not included in the logo images.

Please look through the following to get an answer to most questions or concernst that come up about the including, use, and formatting of such logos. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact us via our helpdesk.

How does Safelog determine which logo to show for a given aircraft?
This is determined solely by the text of the 'Company/Organization/Airline' field or by the inclusion of known aircraft registrations on related 'fleet lists.' This may at times lead to some ambiguity--for example, if you enter "United" as the organization, the system may decide that this is "United Airlines" and not, for example, "United Express" or "United Technologies." Therefore, please use a reasonably unambiguous name for the organization in question especially if your organization is not the "most well known" user of a given name. This is particularly true when it comes to abbreviations.
It shows the wrong logo for my company/airline/organization

Please follow the flowchart above. Additional info below.

There are a few types of ways for it to 'show the wrong logo.' Please determine which applies to you:

  • In some cases, there is more than one organization that might be identifiable via what you entered. A typical example is 'EAA', which is both the abbreviation for the very large Experimental Aircraft Association and the abbreviation used by the European Aviation Academy, a large flight school. If you find yourself with an incorrect logo, try entering a more specific set of text for the specific organization - for example, type in 'European Aviation Academy' instead of 'EAA'. This is particularly true when abbreviations and relatively generic names are involved.
  • In some cases, it might not show a completely wrong logo and something that really makes no sense. There are thousands and thousands of images in our system, and we use a pretty sophisticated matching algorithm to try to take into account variations of spelling and so forth, but sometimes it gets it wrong. If this happens to you, please wait a bit first as our staff may notice this on our own. If after some time you suspect the system still has it wrong, please contact us via our helpdesk with a very specific description (see the guidance in other questions below) and we'll be happy to look into it.
  • In some cases, it might not show any logo at all, when you feel it should. Sometimes, our designers have simply not gotten to this logo yet. If you'd like to help them out, please send a note to our helpdesk (though we do ask you to wait a few weeks if possible first).
  • If you feel that we are showing an out of date or unattractive logo for your organization, please contact us as described below. Again, it helps us immsensely if you provide us with specific information as to how you feel we can make it better. This is especially true in the case of smaller organizations where we might otherwise have difficulty finding good information via the web.
The system seems to have information about my small organization ...
Our designers are able to see a live list of the various organizations that users have entered for various related fields in Safelog and from there see if we have a logo on file. If not, they can create them. Our designers do NOT see who you are specifically nor do they see any specific flight or log information associated with this, even if it occasionally might in some ways be helpful to identify the exact organizations involved. We believe strongly in the confidentiality of our users' data. Using simply the text provided, our designers build logos from publicly avaialble sources, such as the web. Again, nobody looks at your data specifially - the list of organizations is simply looked at in aggregate and the process is completely anonymized. Occasionally, when no logo can be found on the web or in other searches, our designers create what they believe to be an attractive looking substitude (having any "logo" rather than no logo will often make your user experience of our product easier.)
No logo shows up for my organization.
First, please check to make sure you haven't misspelled it. The system simply won't match "Brittish Airways", for example. Assuming that you haven't misspelled it, well then there are two things to try. First, please wait a short while to see if it doesn't come up automatically within a few weeks. Our designers routinely scan the list of orgnaizations that users have entered and try to detemine ones for which a logo is missing. However, naturally, as the number of organizations that people have logged fights in Safelog exceeds 10,000 and is growing every day, naturally smaller organizatons including small flight schools tend to filter to the bottom of the logos that we handle "organically." However, if a user explicitly requests a logo, we will do our best to prioritize the creation of same. If a logo first doesn't show up for you, first try spelling it differently--"FlightSafety Int" might not be there, but "FlightSafety" and "FlightSafety International" might work, for example. If you're pretty sure it's not there, you can request that we integrate a specific logo into the system.

Additionally, we note that our designers 'queue' of logos to do is based on the number of users of a given organization in the system. An easy way to help ensure that your logo gets done is to invite anthoer pilot from the organization to start using Safelog!

To explicitly request a logo to be made, please write to our helpdesk with the following:

  • VERY VERY IMPORTANT: It is important that you tell us the exact spelling that you have attempted to use in order to identify some airline/company/organization. For example, if you just tell us "I don't see any logo for KLM!" we won't be able to track this down as we certainly do have a logo in place if you type in simply 'KLM'. Perhaps you should check your spelling or try an alternative spelling?
  • A description of exactly how your organization is listed in your copy of Safelog ("PuddleJumper Charters, Ltd"). If the name is particularly generic ("Tom's Flying Service") we may have trouble as there may be more than one organization with an exact name, so in that case implementation of a logo may be problematic.
  • If possible, a web link (url) to the exact logo to be used (or for the logo image that we use to be based on, as we may need to resize it).
  • If that's not possible, a web link (url) to the homepage of the organization in question.
  • If you happen to be part of an organization and are capable of creating or providing logos yourself, this would be a great help to us. As of this writing, we are looking for logos of size 127x32, so if you happen to be able to create a logo of exactly this size, that would be super and much appreciated. Please let us know where to download this after you have created it. For now, JPG (jpeg) only please.
The logo shown is out of date
Please contact us as above via our helpdesk with guidance on what you suggest changing it to and we'll be happy to do our best to correct this.
The logo shown is "too new."
For the time being, we are only keeping one logo per organzation. We will strive to keep the current or as current as reasonably possible logo for any given organization. This may result in cases where your old logbook entries have a logo associated that is too modern for the aircraft at the time you flew it. While we appreciate that we'd like to have historic logos as well, for now, the act of maintainig such a historical list of logos is a bit beyond our purview as we must concentrate on 'core' features first. We may change this in the future, but for now, we thank you for your understanding.
I find the logos annoying / it keeps giving me the wrong logo / I don't like this system / etc.
Go to 'setup' under 'Airline Options' (or something similar) and you will see the option to turn off these logos entirely. Your underlying textual description of the company/organization will be shown instead.
The logos do not appear in printed versions of the logbook
Yes, the logos appear only onscreen. They do not appear in the printed logbooks.
I flew the aircraft in question for more than one organization, after, for example, a merger
For particularly large or significant airline mergers, try entering the company for that aircraft as A/B such as USAirways/American Airlines where "B" is the newer. We may have already created a "joint" logo for such cases, and, if not, try contacting us as above with a clear description and we'll see if we can do this.
We have a non-English logo
In order to facilitate the greatest number of users, we will generally use the English-language logo when possible. However, sometimes this will differ. If have a non-English-language logo for your organization, please contact us as above letting us know where we can get an English-laguage one. If we have an English-language one, however we will probably not like to switch to an non-English-language one unless a request comes in from either the organization itself or somebody who with some legitimacy can claim to speak for a large percentage of pilots at that organization. Please remember that, for example, in the case of Chinese carriers many western pilots have flown for Chinese carriers and thus it is probably better if we stick to the English-language logo in such cases where possible.
I am a legally authorized representative of a given company and object to the use of our logo
Please contact us via our helpdesk with a request and we'll remove it. We hope you don't ask this, as really, it's just there to make life easier for our users, and most of the logos we use are readily available throughout the Internet, but we will certainly remove this upon request by an authorized party.


To our users, thank you again for using Safelog, and, to our potential users, we hope that you will join the community of Safelog users soon.

Thank you for reading!

The Safelog Team
Dauntless Aviation