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SafelogWeb is the world's most trusted online pilot logbook, offering a full range of flight logging, currency analysis, and career reporting features.

SafelogWeb can be used either by itself as a purely web-based logbook, or in conjunction with our Safelog PC Logbook software, Safelog for Mac, Safelog for iPhone/iPad app, and/or Safelog for Android app.

SafelogWeb is compatible with most worldwide logbook formats and aviation regulatory bodies, including FAA (part 91, 121, 135, 117, etc), EASA (EU-OPS/FCL), Transport Canada, and CASA Australia, just to name a few, and is used by student pilots through senior airline captains worldwide.

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The world’s most trusted Pilot Logbook system!

Safelog proudly flies with pilots at thousands of aviation companies, airlines, and other organizations worldwide, including:
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