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Hello, and welcome to Safelog - the world's most trusted electronic pilot logbook system! Safelog has been providing eLogbook services to everybody from student pilots through senior airline and commercial captains since 1997. We welcome you to be next.

The best way to learn about Safelog is to try it out yourself. Click here to get started with a free trial account.

Ready to go Pro? To upgrade from a trial account to a full account, log in to your trial account and follow the welcome prompts for subscription options. If you don't have a trial account yet but are ready to purchase a paid account, please click the above to sign up for a free trial account and then click on the My Account tab once you get through the initial setup wizard and are fully logged into inside SafelogWeb. You're welcome to try out the demo before signing up for a paid account, of course. You can even try the same demo/trial account simultaneously on multiple Safelog platforms (such as SafelogWeb, PC, and iPad) together to see how they all synch up nicely.

SafelogWeb (this web-based logbook system) can be used either by itself or in conjunction with our Safelog PC or Mac logbook software and/or mobile device versions such as for iPhone/iPad and Android. Whichever way you prefer, there is a Safelog solution for you. If you'd like to try out one or more of the Safelog client programs and apps, click the corresponding button below: Safelog is a unified system that works across multiple platforms. If you have a Safelog subscription (either trial or paid), you can use any or all of the following at no additional charge:

Get the Android App Get the iPad/iPhone App Get the Windows PC Program Get the Mac Program


Some pilots use Safelog on just one platform, others use several. It's completely up to you. No matter what you choose, your logbook data will be synchronized and available to you on all of your Safelog devices for one, low price. Log flights wherever you happen to be and have the comfort of knowing that there's a Safelog version available that will work on whatever your next phone, tablet, or computer will be. Easy to use, feature-rich, future proof, multiply-redundant, available everywhere for one low price. That's the Safelog system.

Safelog - Great Value!

Safelog costs less and does more than any competing logbook system. Safelog licenses are sold by the year; most pilots purchase multiple-year subscriptions as this gets them the best price. Compare our prices with those of any of our serious competitors and you'll find that our pricing is highly competitive. We can offer such great pricing as we have a large, loyal, and constantly growing user base. With your Safelog subscription, everything is included except for a few bespoke professional services*: unlike our competitors we do NOT charge for data synchronization, specialized database usage, updates and uprgrades, "platform fees", "cloud fees", or any of the other stuff our competitors nickel and dime their customers with. With Safelog, there are no hidden fees whatsoever and you get access to ALL of the Safelog platforms (web, PC, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, etc) with your subscription.

It's possible to buy a Safelog subscription via any of our apps or services - for example, you can buy a new subscription or extend your existing subscription from the official app stores / app markets within our mobile apps. No matter where you purchase your subscription, you'll be getting the same thing. That said, the price of a subscription varies a bit depending on where you buy it due to currency, tax, and app store pricing policy issues.

In general, however, pretty much all users will get the best price via our SafelogWeb.com Portal. That is, go to SafelogWeb.com, sign up for a free account (or sign in to your existing trial account), and then click on the 'My Account' screen to purchase a paid subscription.

Current pricing** for Safelog subscriptions via SafelogWeb.com is:

Subscription LengthPrice
1 year$59.99
3 years$139.99
5 years$199.99
10 years$399.98

If you have any questions whatsoever about pricing or related issues, we're happy to help via our online helpdesk. Thank you again for your interest in Safelog and we hope to welcome you as a user soon!

* The vast majority of Safelog users happily use our system on a standard subscription and never need or want any additional bespoke / personalized services. A small number of our users and corporate clients request or require from us highly personal services for which we naturally are obliged to charge professional (typically hourly) rates. Such cases are rare and include (but are not limited to) things like customized logbook analysis, data entry services, and custom programming / technical services.

** Pricing subject to change without prior notice. Taxes/VAT and fees for certain payment types may be extra and are as determined by our merchant reseller partner Digital River / SWreg, an industry leading firm speacializing in ensuring that the transactions that go through them are secure and reliable.


Click Here to Get Started with a FREE Trial Account